How To Apply For Colorado Child Support

This page provides a general guideline on how to apply for Colorado child support. The first step is getting a court order, it's important to get a court order as soon as the baby is born, especially if the parents are not married. If the parents are legally seperated or divorced then a court order is also needed. Colorado child support usually starts on the date the court order was filed and it is not retroactive. So it is very important to begin the process as soon as possible.

You can obtain a court order through the Colorado child support office, when doing so you have the option to have the agency represent you, obtain a lawyer, or just represent yourself. It is usually the best option to select an attorney to represent you as they do not have an emotional attachment and know the law. Once you have been approved for child support, the next step is to collect Colorado child support payments.

What's involved when applying for Colorado child support?

If you are a single mom and were not married to your child's father then you first need to contact the local Office of Child Support Enforcement, OCSE, so they can help establish paternity. In some circumstances this could require tracking down the other parent in order to perform a genetic test.

What If I Do Not Know Where The Other Parent Is?

You will be asked to provide information of the most recent address of the other parent you are looking for by the Child Support Enforcement Office. The information provided will be utilized by the Federal Parent Locator Service, which is part of the OCSE, by the National Directory of New Hires, State Directories of New Hires and State Employment Security Agencies to assistance in locating the other parent.

Is the Process Long When Applying For Colorado Child Support?

The process for filing for Colorado child support can be a lengthy process due to the amount of agencies this has to go through. You will first be set up with a case worker at the Colorado Department of Human Services, they will walk you through the process of establishing paternity, obtaining a legal child support order, and receiving the actual child support.

Could Applying For Colorado Child Support Allow Visitation Rights?

Though this could lead to allowing visitation rights for the other parent, because it acknowledges the other parent as the biological parent, this is considered a different matter in the court system. If the other parent is proven to be the child's biological parent, then the non-custodial parent can exercise his or her right to visitation. This process would require the other parent to petition the court so that visits can be established.

Are There Fees For Filing For The Colorado Child Support Program?

The fee can vary from state to state but in most cases you may be charged up to $25 to apply for child support through the Colorado Department of Human Services, however if you currently receive TANF or Medicaid then you will not be charged this filing fee.

If you want to move forward with filing for child support, then contact the Colorado child support agency. They will work with you to establish and enforce a child support order. When you apply for child support you will need to provide documents. Below are a list of documents you may need when filing out your Colorado child support application:

You may also need to bring the following based on your child support application requirements: