Maine Child Support Office

This page provides the Maine child support office contact information. The Department of Health and Human Services handles the Maine child support program. It is both a state and federal program that handles child support payments which is then used for the children's financial support and medical insurance coverage. The Division of Support Enforcement & Recovery assists in locating the parents, establishing paternity, establishing support orders, and collecting and distributing payments from non-custodial parents. You can also contact the office to apply for the Maine child support program, you can check their website for the child support application or call the office directly using the phone number below. They should be able to answer any questions about which documents you need to bring when filling out the forms at the Maine child support office location. Some states allow you to apply for child support online.

Child Support Office Address 11 State House Station 19 Union Street
Augusta ME 4333
Child Support Office Phone Number 207-624-4100
Child Support Office Fax Number 207-287-2334 / 207-287-5096 Child Support Program Website View ME Child Support Website Child Support Application Apply For ME Child Support Program